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RDP Tuesday: QI…

QI is a Chinese word for the invisible force in and around us.

My daughter Deb and I are into finding our ancestors and especially finding out stories about them we didn’t know. We spend a lot of time in cemeteries :). One of the most interesting stories we found was about my great grandfather, Joseph P Littlefield of Maine. The tragic story of his death and that of his wife Jane and their three oldest children out of eight, Margaret 18, Adison 14 and Atwood 12 prompted Deb and me to go to Maine to find their grave.

My great grandfather Joseph P Littlefield was injured in the Civil War. He was a member of Co. C, 9th Maine Regiment. He was wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia and sent home to Maine to die. He died on Sep 3, 1864 of his massive injuries but also of typhoidal pneumonia. His wife and the 3 oldest of his 8 children died within months of him from it as well leaving my grandfather Charles G Littlefield at age 9 the oldest of the five remaining children. A tragic story and once we learned about it felt compelled to find their graves and honor them. Their small plot is off the beaten track in Rome, Maine we found it and traipsed through the brush to get to it. This was very emotional in that Joseph, Martha Jane, Margaret, Adison and Atwood have become very real to us and we feel very close to them and could definitely feel their spirits that day.  We weren’t able to bring them flowers but left 5 pennies to indicate we were there and remembering them.

I definitely feel this was a QI experience.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fountains and Sprinklers…

Ocean Park – Martha’s Vineyard
Bryant Park – New York City
Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City