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My Vineyard ABC’s …

My creation

Aquinnah – Boats – Chappaquiddick – Dock – East Chop – Flying Horses – Gazette – Harbor – Illumination Night – Jetty – Kite – Lighthouse – Menemsha – Nobska – Ocean Park – Quilt – Rowboats – Senegekontacket sunset – Tabernacle – Umbrellas – Vineyard Map – Whaling Church – Xiphosura – Yard – Zacks Cliffs

– by Joan –



Enjoy The Journey …

These three words can be applied to life in general, take the time each day to  go forth and focus on enjoying some, if not all of it.  I’ve been trying for the past few months to do just that, to look where I might not look, to veer to the left instead of the right, to open myself to new ideas and actually listen to people and not focus on what I’m going to say in response.  It’s been interesting.

I am not the most patient of people… especially if I’m planning a trip to the Vineyard.  I do try to contain myself but it’s hard when my head and heart are so focused on getting there.


I try to incorporate the words seen here in a window display at Sanctuary in Oak Bluffs, into my goal of being calm and not driving those around me crazy with my anxiousness. Does it work?  You’d have to ask my family.


IMAGINE – I always imagine myself on MV, it’s part of who I am. I think about where I’ll go and what I might do and where I’ll be staying. I picture myself doing my favorite things and having new adventures.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY– part of the experience of going to MV is getting to MV. The travel routine is pretty well set. There’s always a stop in Mystic, CT for lunch and when Chappy is with us to give him a chance to stretch his legs. One of the favorite parts of the journey is driving down Route 28 from Falmouth to Woods Hole. There’s something about this two lane road that makes me smile and makes my heart race as I get closer to the ferry to MV. Once on the ferry the final part of the transition from mainland to Island begins.

The Islander, everyone’s favorite ferry…


BREATHE– something I almost have to remember to do as I get closer to MV. Once I’m there for awhile I relax… at least my version of relaxing, my family thinks otherwise.

FAITH – I have faith that I will return to the Vineyard. I have faith that I will always find peace and contentment there. I have faith that I am renewed there. I have faith that it will always, somehow be in the lives of my family.

So basically …


but even if I’m not, I’m …


which is a continuous state of mind for me.

What rituals or habits do you have when you’re planning a trip to the Vineyard… and what MUSTS do you have to do once you’re there?

– by Joan –


Words …

Everywhere you look this time of year there are words of encouragement, hope, and inspiration to help you along with those pesky new year’s resolutions so many of us fail to keep.  We all know the sayings and catch phrases and remember them at least for awhile.

And then the other day I saw this card… it jumped right out at me… I read it… liked what it said and put it back.   Then picked it up again.  Put it back and walked away.  It pulled me back and it was obvious I wasn’t leaving the store without it.

It’s not just the words, I like the colors, the contented look on the woman’s face.. peaceful and all knowing without being all preachy about it.


Some of these things will be easy to embrace, others not so much.

*embrace change – never an easy thing for me, I like things the way they are and fight against too much change… some would say all change but I disagree, I’m trying to accept some change.

*take the journey back to yourself – ahhh, it’s so easy to lose the ‘self’ we are, the one that is inside our heads talking to us.   We lose ourselves and become someones mother, wife, sister, friend.  The essence of our inner self gets overshadowed.  I am definitely encouraging my inner self to stand out and up more often.

*speak of gratitude – I am grateful and do speak of it often and hope that it comes through to those I am grateful to.

*wear yellow shoes –  – ah, now here’s one I’m looking forward to.  I used to have yellow heels and yellow patent leather flats and they made me happy.  They say you should always have a pair of red shoes and I agree with that, but yellow, now there’s a pair of shoes to dance among the stars in.

*unleash your creative spirit –I do unleash my creative spirit… here are two examples… this blog…and my photography blog

*be positive – I’m not generally, I am a pessimist with optimistic leanings but I shall endeavor to switch that around.  Really, I’m positive about that !

*believe in healing – definitely, no doubt about it…mentally, physically and spiritually.. we can heal.

*share your inner light – I try to do that everyday, a smile here, a smile there, it’s amazing how many people react positively to that… see, I’m being positive 🙂

*surprise yourself and do things you didn’t think you could do – I’m always surprised at what I do that I didn’t think I could… I usually need a gentle push from loved ones..okay sometimes a shove.  A few years ago I rode on the subway in NYC with my daughter for the first time, didn’t think I could but it was too bitter cold to walk and so I gave in and did it.

*live as if you only have one chance –we definitely only have one chance at this life, the life we’re living now.

Will see at the end of 2013 how well I have or haven’t done !