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Photo A Day Challenge: Storm…

IMG_1113 (5)

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Photo A Day Challenge (or week)…

I’ve decided to do my ‘photo a day’ weekly instead of daily. Here’s the challenge for June 22 – 30.

(Left side) 22 – Salty  23 – Vivid  24 – Fish  25 – Relax

(Middle) 26 –Sunglasses  27 – Waves

(Right side) 28 – Storm   29 – Sunrise/Sunset  30 – Goodbye June




Looking Back At April 2009 (Dog Sitting)…

April 2009…A friend of my daughter Deb’s asked us if we’d like to dog sit for their two Labs, Silas and Balou.  So Deb, her dog Chappy and I set out for MV .No matter how many times I go to the Vineyard my heart skips a beat or two when I see the above sign and the rotary welcoming you to Cape Cod. This was our first time sailing on the then new ferry, Island Home. Seven miles and 45 minutes later we touched tire in Vineyard Haven. We were about to start an Island adventure like none before.

100_8616 (2) Here is Deb surrounded by a happy, friendly threesome. Chappy on the left, Balou in the front and Silas being petted. We have never met nicer dogs, they are well behaved, sweet, gentle and loving, patient and fun. There wasn’t one moment that we didn’t enjoy being with them. Oh, okay, maybe when Balou was trying so hard to tell us things and we just were too slow on the uptake… but generally speaking (or woofing) things went very, very well.

100_8636 Except for the weather. Two of the days we were there were wet… very, very wet. And when they said soaking rain they meant it.

100_8646 (2) This picture was taken from inside our dry car looking out at Edgartown Harbor. Wet, wet, wet. It was windy too. And wet.

But there were times of no rain and actuall brilliant sunshine and so off on our walks in the woods we would venture. The 4 leggeds were happy to be out and about sniffing, walking, and being together.

In all too short a time our dog sitting adventure came to an end and it was time to head home.

Chappy is waiting to say goodbye to his new friends. He had a great time with Silas and Balou.

The Island Home is waiting for us and all too soon we are setting tire in Woods Hole and back to reality.

This of course is my take on our dog sitting adventure but Chappy himself made a guest appearance on the blog and really, you should read his… CLICK HERE

Here’s a little bit of what Chappy eloquently had to say:

*’a friend of my mom’s invited us to dog sit… I didn’t actually notice anyone sitting like a dog (except my dog friends) but humans have weird jargon sometimes. I just go with the flow and don’t ask questions.


Oak Bluffs is another of our favorite towns to walk around in.  If you look really really close you can see mom and me standing outside the movie theatre on the corner.  She’s taking photos and I’m trying to keep one eye on her and one eye on gram who wandered off to the other side of the information booth.  Man, keeping them together would be so much easier if they were both leashed.


After The Storm …

In nw New Jersey we got about 10 inches of snow, a drop in the bucket compared to the 3 FEET plus in  other states.

5pm Friday night       –      7am Saturday morning

100_3090 100_3093

100_3114 100_3113

To the west     –     to the east

100_3100 100_3105

Breakfast of coffee and oatmeal pancakes with Cookie Butter (thanks Deb).


And then the sun came out.



I hope everyone affected by what has been an historic blizzard, with over 3 FEET of snow  in some areas, are safe and sound.

(CLICK HERE if you’re curious as to what Cookie Butter is, besides being addictively delicious)


Powerless …

Five days without power.  It all started on Saturday, Oct 29th.

                                         This…                                           turned into this…

IMG_0025 IMG_0081

                                       and this…              into a total of 14 inches of snow           

IMG_0040 IMG_0075

and there are these…

IMG_0068 IMG_0089

and then while I was doing this at 4:39


this happened at around 4:50…


It was  a dark and stormy night

and then came the morning, all sunny and sparkly…


Thanks to Deb’s foresight in buying

                       a percolator                              and manual coffee grinder we had..

IMG_0114 IMG_0117

coffee, and the crumb cake she made before the power went out…

IMG_0121 IMG_0125

For most of the days Chappy did this…


Two days later, on Tuesday Nov 1st I took my first walk around the neighborhood.  A  lot of trees had already been cleared but it looks like not one tree was spared at least some kind of damage.


IMG_0172 IMG_0166

IMG_0174 IMG_0175

Fridge was pretty  much cleaned out and waiting to be restocked… hmm, where did that bottle of vodka come from !!


Some of the devices used for light during the dark, dark nights…


Five days was a challenge but at least we had a gas fireplace… a gas oven/range so we could cook on the top of the stove…and a gas hot water heater.

It’s amazing how much we take electricity for granted, and how many things in our daily lives don’t work without it.  I hope the thousands of people in the northeast STILL without power get it back as soon as possible.

Power to the people 🙂