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MV Obsessions …

MV Obsession is four and a half years old and I’ve never done a post about my obsessive rituals and quirky have-to-dos.   So here it is.

100_0830  I HAVE to wear something Vineyard related every day.  I’ve been wearing this watch since 1995.  But sometimes, like today, I like to wear…

100_0835 … a Vineyard shirt.

100_0857 I’ve had a Vineyard related license plate on my New Jersey car since 1993.

100_0829And since 1988 I’ve been carrying this stone from State Beach in my wallet.

Those are just my quirks when I’m not on the Vineyard.  When I’m on the Vineyard I have other rituals and compulsions, here are a few of them.

100_8259  Espresso Love’s blueberry scones.  I love them so much I bring them home, put them in my freezer and sometimes,  just sometimes offer them to other people.  Espresso Love coffee is of course a must to go with the scones.  (CLICK HERE)

100_8695  The Tabernacle.  I love this place.  No visit is complete without visiting this hallowed place and doing a bit of reflecting… and always taking ‘just one more picture’  because, well, I’m obsessed. (CLICK HERE)

101_3573 The Bandstand in Ocean Park is one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy just being.  I’ve been known to take ‘just one more picture’ here too. (CLICK HERE)

100_0844 The house my godparents owned.  I spent every summer of my childhood here and I always, always drive past it at least twice when I’m on MV.  One time years ago I was fortunate enough to step back into the house and step back in time.

101_3481 Heading Up-Island now.  Almost every trip includes a visit to the Gay Head cliffs.  No matter how many times I see them they always take my breath away. (CLICK HERE)

100_0840100_6307 When our dog Chappy visits the Vineyard he has his own ‘must visit’ places.  The Black Dog for their droolicious biscuits.  Good Dog Good for their goodies as well, and to visit the ladies there who always remember him. (CLICK HERE) and (HERE)

 All my obsessions, quirks and rituals are not necessarily Vineyard related though.  I’ll admit to one that makes my family chuckle every time I do it.  100_0860I have to end up on my right foot going up or down stairs… stepping on or off curbs… putting on shoes and socks.

Now that you know my obsessions let me hear from you about yours.


Trinity Circle …

On the island of Martha’s Vineyard – in the town of Oak Bluffs– in the Methodist Campground is Trinity Circle and Trinity Park.

Sharing Trinity Park for 133 years are the Tabernacle (erected in 1879) and Trinity Methodist Church (built in 1878).

100_0634 100_0626

100_8695 101_3567

Both have undergone major changes.

100_6966 100_8705

100_0647 100_0646

100_6977 101_3567

A look inside the Tabernacle and Trinity Methodist Church.

100_0628 100_0632

Looking at the Tabernacle from inside Trinity Methodist Church… I love this picture.


Trinity Park is a perfect place to enjoy some quiet time… to indulge in some contemplation, read, maybe snooze, enjoy a game of catch, or wander around with a camera.

100_0631 101_3060

IMG_1174 100_6814

100_0637 100_0641


According to the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Assn. website:

“The original layout of Wesleyan Grove was a simple formation of a circle enclosing the preaching area and the society or church tents.   In 1859 a road, now known as Trinity Circle, was built which encircled that area.   In 1864, the Association purchased the 26 acres it had been renting.   As the area continued to expand (additional grounds were purchased in 1866), it developed in a radial-concentric pattern which was little used in America at that time.   Paths radiating from Trinity Circle led to smaller circles where large groups of tents had been located – County Park (Wesleyan Grove), Forest Circle, Washington Park (Victorian Park), Cottage Park Avenue (Cottage Park), Crystal Park (Vincent Park), Washington Avenue (Butler Avenue), Rural Circle and Clinton Avenue, which, at one time, had been the main entrance to the Campground.   The smaller circles, some surrounded by larger circles, had small paths radiating from them leading to other circles or parks.   The method of the grounds layout was an additive one of discrete neighborhood units, each built around small various shaped parks.   Some street and park names (current names are in the brackets) have been changed for various reasons over the years”.

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