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A Mystery T …

The mystery unfolds …


I spotted this t-shirt in the window of a store in Edgartown about 20 years ago. I liked the cartoon depictions of MV landmarks and also the cute characters enjoying themselves. It seemed like a perfect shirt… I wanted it badly but alas it was around 8pm on an early May evening and the store was closed up tight. I obsessed on this shirt all evening… I could see it in my minds eye… the Flying Horses, the cliffs at Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard spelled out in semaphore flags, the airport, the lighthouses, the ferries, the gingerbread houses… just about everything was there.

The next morning we got to the store just as it was opening. But wait, the t-shirt was not in the window… where was it ? We dashed inside and I explained to the ladies there that I had seen a certain t-shirt in the window less then 12 hours before and now it wasn’t there. They looked perplexed ! Neither of them knew what t-shirt I was talking about, they’d never seen a t-shirt like that before and would certainly have remembered such a different sort of shirt. I wondered if I’d entered the Twilight Zone ! They reiterated that it couldn’t have possibly have been in their window… they closed the store up the night before and had been the only ones working in the store all day ! I know my dreams are vivid but I didn’t think I was that good.

Oh well, as long as we were there we decided to browse. With a sigh I headed off to half-heartily look around. Cute stuff but… hold on a second, something caught my eye. It wasn’t even with the other t-shirts, it was mingled in with, I don’t remember what, all I knew was that I had found IT. I grabbed my prize and ran to show it to the ladies. They were stunned, they had never seen that t-shirt before !!!! So, I ask you, was it in the window the night before… did someone move it out of the window and onto a rack without their knowledge… is this story made up and… does the t-shirt exist for certain !!!  Stay tuned to find out !!!!


Here’s the shirt today, June 7, 2015.  Owner of shirt wants to remain anonymous as it seems whoever, or whatever moved it in the store still might want to get its hands/fingers/claws on it.




Like Kids In A Candy Store …

In my post of Feb 24th…’Painting Party’… I said I had one more birthday gift to collect.  I did that recently with my daughter Deb.  There are actually two gifts to tell about.  One I knew about, one I didn’t.

Dylan’s Candy Bar I knew about… but before we went there we walked a little further down E 60th St to.

Serendipity 3 for lunch.  Why there?  Well, because of their famous, delicious, heavenly chocolate dessert….. Frozen Hot Chocolate, which I adore.

100_0909 100_0911

I would have gone straight for the frozen hot chocolate but Deb said we should at least have a sandwich or something first. They were okay. I only ate half of the chicken salad and Deb’s prosciutto sandwich turned out to be less than fresh… I’m pleased to say that the management generously rectified that situation.


And then…. tah dah… THE frozen hot chocolate.

100_0923 100_0924

IMG_0472 This is me today.

100_0958 This is me in 1994 the first time I had frozen hot chocolate.



Good to the last lick.. and as sinfully delicious as I remembered it… and yes, I drank it all by myself.

You might think we had no desire to even look at anymore sweets.  Nope.  Still had Dylan’s Candy Bar to visit and use my gift card from Deb.

So down the block we waddled to…

Dylan’s Candy Bar

100_0906 100_0908

We were literally like kids in a candy store.

100_0937 100_0938

So much to look at, so much candy it boggled my mind.  And there were other interesting things like this illuminated staircase.

100_0948 100_0941

Miscellaneous this and that… a birthday hat, and yes,  apparently chocolate does aid in healing.

100_0946 100_0947

Um… hmmm…

100_0943 100_0940

Our loot.


Starting at bottom left going clockwise:  chocolate/raspberry bar – chocolate covered pretzel balls – a box of chocolate covered pretzels – chocolate covered krispies and chocolate covered sandwich cookies.

There was one other stop, the New York Public Library, but you’ll have to wait a bit for that post as I’m coming down off my sugar high and think I need to rest a bit 🙂

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