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The Vineyard, Feb 1989 …

February 1989 was the first time back to the Vineyard in winter since I was a child.  Following are excerpts from my travel log about that trip and also pictures taken with a non-digital camera… which does have relevance in this post.    So come join me in a trip down a cold, snowy very wintery memory lane.

Picture of the Islander in dry dock from aboard the ferry, Eagle.



One of my favorite places is the Campground in Oak Bluffs.  I love the gingerbread cottages but most of all I really really love the Tabernacle… every time I’m on the Vineyard I take a few moments…or hour… and sit quietly there and enjoy just being.  Winter was no exception, cold as it was it was warm in my heart.

100_7831Let’s wander through Oak Bluffs a little …  notice Christmas tree is still in the Bandstand …

My creationwent out to South Beach where there were lots of Christmas trees people had brought after the holidays…    also drove out to Menemsha just to take a look around…

My creationand then to Gay Head …


excerpt from travel journal :  ‘it was cold on the cliffs. 26 degrees maybe…but off I went to see them anyway.  Down the road I traipsed over the dunes and onto the beach… what a sight.  Thousands of rocks all shapes and sizes, and there in the distance… the cliffs… I was very excited.  Took some shots and scurried back to the warm car.  Noticed camera had opened a bit, closed it and didn’t think much about it.  After lunch in Edgartown I rode out the ‘bend in the road beach’ to take some pictures and noticed that the picture counter on the camera said #1 !!!!  When I had gotten in the car in the morning it had said #16 !!!  Something was wrong.   I turned around and headed for the camera shop.  Everything seems to be okay with the camera but maybe it got too cold and lost its memory and reverted to #1… or perhaps when the camera opened just that little bit it caused it to revert !!  At any rate I’m having what was in the camera developed.’

The following day I picked up my photos and not only were they all fine, there was this one…. actually, these two…

shot of the cliffs taken before camera opened …


shot after I closed the camera …  I’ve always kind of liked it… can’t do this with a digital camera …


After a long first day headed back to Edgartown for the night but not before stopping at Sengekontacket Pond for the sunset…


around and about Edgartown …


There was eating and relaxing but I also had a shopping mission !  My daughter Patty and her husband Mike were expecting their first baby and I, as soon to be grammy was determined to find an MV shirt for baby.  I had already promised myself, and future grandchild that I would keep her/him in Vineyard t-shirts forever 🙂  (They found out the following month that the baby was a little girl).

Not too many shops open that carried baby things… not too many souvenir shirts available either. Here it was only 3 months before baby would arrive and this was my only chance to bring back a shirt from the Vineyard.    On an off chance I walked into a store in Edgartown, I don’t even remember what they sold but tucked way off in a corner were… little people t-shirts.  I wondered just how little those sizes would be.

I hit pay dirt… there was one baby t-shirt and I grabbed it.  Ah, success and also the start of a still ongoing tradition.

Granddaughter Tiffany was the first to wear the shirt.. after her came grandson Tyler… when he outgrew it my daughter asked what she should do with it and I said I’d take it.   Here it is today being modeled by my doll Molly.

My creationThere certainly wasn’t as much snow that February as the Vineyard has gotten this year but I got to enjoy a powdery dusting of it.



Our Cross Stitches …

My mother did these two counted cross stitches over 80 years ago.

Gay Head Lighthouse still had the lighthousekeepers house attached to it.



Only 4 lighthouses instead of 5 on the Vineyard map – do you know which one is missing?



My counted cross stitch of Gay Head lighthouse done in 2004.


My map done in 1993.  Which lighthouse is missing on mine ?



(Edgartown lighthouse is missing on moms.. East Chop on mine)


The Gay Head Lighthouse …

My creation

The Gay Head Lighthouse has stood on the picturesque cliffs at the western most tip of Martha’s Vineyard since 1856.  It is now only 45 feet from the edge of the  eroding cliffs and is in danger of falling into the sea.

In 1799 a wooden lighthouse was built. In 1856 it was replaced with the current brick and sandstone lighthouse and fitted with Fresnel lenses.

My creation

The lenses were replaced by electrically generated lenses in 1952. The old lenses were given to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Edgartown.

My creation

This past weekend (Oct 13) I was on MV and decided to drive out to Aquinnah…  and when I got there I saw these signs…

My creation

I’d never been inside the Gay Head lighthouse and was excited to be able to do so, and also help in a small way support the campaign to help raise the money to Save The Gay Head Lighthouse.

Come and join me for my tour inside the lighthouse…

My creation

My creation

Reached the first level and stepped outside…

My creation

These are the stunningly beautiful breathtaking views …

My creation

Final set of stairs and the view from the top …

My creation

What an awesome experience…

My creation

***To learn more about how to donate to Save The Gay Head Lighthouse CLICK HERE

**To read the history of the Gay Head Lighthouse CLICK HERE


Lost …

One of my favorite things to do on Martha’s Vineyard is to roam around with my camera and take pictures of whatever captures my attention.  This trip I was decked out with my Nikon D60 and my handy-dandy Kodak Easy Share (which I’m never without).

Took some pictures Monday and some on Tuesday morning.  Met with a dear friend on Tuesday afternoon to share coffee and to give her a gift I’d made for her.   We took a few pictures of us and that evening at supper when I was checking my camera to see how the days pictures had come out, this is what I saw:



My picture card was blank.  B-l-a-n-k.  I took it out, shook it, blew on it, begged it to restore at least the pictures of my friend and me.  It staunchly refused.   I’m not a novice with a digital camera, I’ve had two Kodak’s and love them, I’m familiar with how they work and how to delete and NOT delete pictures.  I wanted desperately to blame this malfunction on anyone but myself.. but I knew that it had to have been me somehow.

First thing next morning I went to the camera store in Vineyard Haven hoping they might find a way with their magical machines to find the pictures.  They could not.  Somehow the card got re-formatted and well, there went the pictures.

At least it happened the first day on the Vineyard as I was able to retrace some of my steps and retake some pictures, along with new ones of course.

Here are a few I’ll be using in upcoming posts.




You know, I’ve read where there’s some sort of magnetic force that surrounds the Vineyard and thus make it a perfect place for creativity.  I’ve also read that Martha’s Vineyard sits on a separate tectonic plate from the United States.  I’m wondering if either of these could have erased my pictures !!!  Yes, I’m digging deep for something or someone to blame other than myself .

Wait a minute, wait just a minute… look what I found in the camera !!  🙂


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Aquinnah (Gay Head) …

On the southwestern most edge of Martha’s Vineyard sits the town of Aquinnah which means ‘land beneath the cliffs’ or ‘land under the hill’.  It was settled in 1669 and incorporated as Gay Head in 1870, in 1998 the town changed its name back to Aquinnah.  Aquinnah is home to the native American tribe, the Wampanoag’s.

The Gay Head cliffs were registered as a National landmark in 1966.  They were formed by the same glacier that formed the Vineyard some 20,000 years ago.  The cliffs continue to be a source of geological and scientific information… not to mention a beautiful and awesome attraction.  Fossil bones of camels, wild horses and whales as well as campfire remnants have been found in the cliffs.

Moshup Beach is the public beach beneath the cliffs.  There is also the private  Lucy Vincent which is for town residents and their guests, it is also a clothing optional beach. Moshup Beach was picked as one of the top 10 beaches in the US a few years ago.

Lighthouse and lightkeepers house 1960…and lighthouse 2006.

Views to the east ………………. and the west.

Any visit to the Vineyard should definitely include a trip out to Aquinnah.  Spend the day at the beach or just go to see the cliffs and visit the charming shops and enjoy a bite to eat overlooking the sea and cliffs.

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