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Did You Know …

If you unfold one of these containers …


… it turns into a plate !!!  Who knew?  Not me.


Saw this on the internet and had to try it.. try it for yourself and see.



Awesome Awe-gust …

August is THE month to be on Martha’s Vineyard… not just because it’s the last full month of summer but it is a month jammed packed with special events.

My favorite is Illumination Night which this year is Wed, Aug 14, 2013.   Last year I did a post about my memories of Illumination Night… CLICK HERE to read it   .101_3019… and CLICK HERE for information on this year’s Illumination Night.


The 152nd MV Agricultural Fair is Aug 15 – 18, 2013… CLICK HERE for information.


On Friday, Aug 18 you truly won’t want to miss the Oak Bluffs fireworks at Ocean Park…  CLICK HERE for information and to view fireworks finale from a few years ago.


These are just three of MY favorite things to do on MV in August…  CLICK HERE to check out the calendar of events to see all the other fun and interesting things going on.

As a summer kid on the Vineyard August was always a special month for me.  Although my mom and I would arrive for the summer in June it wasn’t until August that my dad joined us until Labor Day when we’d all come home to New Jersey.

In the 40’s and 50’s August was filled with days at the beach, nightly rides on the Flying Horses, ice cream at the Frosty Cottage on Circuit Ave, popcorn bars at Darling’s also on Circuit Ave, trips to my mother’s cousins home in Indian Hill, band concerts in Ocean Park and community sings every Wed at the Tabernacle.

In the 90’s and 2000’s it was about introducing my grandchildren to August on the Vineyard.  Days at the beach, rides on the Flying Horses, ice cream at any number of places in Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, bicycle rides,  miniature golf, and being together.



August on the Vineyard is truly awesome.

– by Joan –


Timely …


According to the dictionary the definitions of standard are: normal, accepted, definitive, and official to name a few. I bring this up because this Saturday, March 10th is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time… or in my own definition…fake time 🙂 Hang in here with me as I try to explain.

I’m one of those rare people who like it when it gets dark early. I like long evenings when you can be cozy and comfy… not that you can’t do that when it’s light out but it seems somehow more cozy when it’s dark. I know there are some others out there that agree with me but somehow when we mention this preference we get looks of disbelief. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy an evening stroll, I’m not totally a hermit… I have been known to actually be outside after supper and enjoyed it.

But… and here is where I usually lose people with my explanation of ‘real’ time versus ‘fake’ time.

OK… in my head it goes this way… when you were born determines what YOUR real time is.

I was born in February so my ‘real’ time is Standard Time.

My daughter Patty was born in June so her ‘real’ time is Daylight Savings Time.

Daughter Deb was born in November, her ‘real’ time, Standard Time.

WAIT, not so fast, they changed the time change from the end of Oct to early November and so her ‘real’ time should, or could be, Daylight Savings Time – but it isn’t BECAUSE  she was born before  the change so she’ll always be time-wise, a Standard Time person. Talk about messing up body clocks.

Totally confused! Me too but I needed to get this whole silly thing off my brain. So, don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this coming Sunday at 2 a.m. — and why is it 2 a.m. why not midnight ! Anyone know? I’ve got a headache now and I’m sure you do too.

As for me, I’m always…

(I know there are very good reasons for the time changes, I’m just indulging my sense of silliness with this timely post  🙂

– by Joan –

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Cars, Planes, Boats and Trains …

Martha’s Vineyard has an airport and it certainly has its share of cars, and of course it has boats, did you know though there once was a railroad on the Vineyard? In the the book: The History of Martha’s Vineyard by Arthur R Railton, you’ll find that indeed there was one, the Martha’s Vineyard Railroad.

It was built in 1874 and ran along the beach from Oak Bluffs to Katama. Storms often washed the tracks out and expensive repairs were needed. It had its share of problems and eventually in 1900 the bankrupt railroad stopped running.

There was actually another railroad that’s sort of connected to MV. The old New York/New Haven/Hartford railroad. Its Old Colony line used to go all the way to Woods Hole. The station was located where the parking lot for the ferry is today.


When my mother and I would go to MV every year to spend the summer we would take a train from Pennsylvania Station in Newark, NJ to Grand Central Station in NYC where we would change trains.

We would have to run from one end of the station to the other to board the New York/New Haven & Hartford’s train on the Old Colony line called the Day Cape Codder, which would take us all the way from New York City to Woods Hole, MA. That’s right, all the way to Woods Hole.

The train stopped at what is now the staging area for cars waiting to get onto the ferries. The tracks ran under the overpass in the left corner of the above photograph.  It was literally only steps from train to boat.  A comfortable and luxurious way to travel in the days when lots of people didn’t have cars and the road system left a lot to be desired anyway.  The trains had dining cars with each table dressed in fancy tablecloths and crisply ironed napkins.  The waiters and conductors were always the same and seemed to remember me from year to year… made me feel special and grown up. Train service to Woods Hole ended in the 1960′s.

From the train we’d board the ferry, Nobska and sail to Oak Bluffs where

 our relatives would  pick  us up and three glorious months on the Vineyard would begin.

(For more information on the NOBSKA/NANTUCKET, the last American coastal steamer, which ended its sailing days in 1973 please CLICK HERE).

(For more information on the Martha’s Vineyard Railroad please CLICK HERE).

– by Joan –


Christiantown/Indian Hill …

Off the beaten track but well worth visiting are:



Down a dirt road in the woods of West Tisbury near Indian Hill, is Christiantown.

Christiantown was established in 1659 by Wampanoag sachem Takemmy as a home for Native American converts to Christianity.

A plaque on the above boulder commemorates “the services of Governor Thomas Mayhew and his descended missionaries who here labored among the native Indians.”

By 1600 there were two or three congregations of Native Americans on the Island.

The Christiantown Meeting House, or chapel was built in 1829. There is a tiny altar and six pews inside… nearby is an old graveyard. This is a wonderful place for hiking or a walk in the woods.

The Wampanoag tribe now owns the memorial, the chapel and the burial ground containing graves of early converts.

Indian Hill

My mother’s step-cousin, Harold Rogers was born in this house in Indian Hill in 1911.  He lived in this house, built in 1752, until he died.  He was quite a guy.  He was a master at building things and he could fix absolutely anything.  Over the years he added on to the family homestead, and when there wasn’t anymore he could do there he turned his sights to –

— the one room school house up the road where he’d gone to school.  He purchased the school house and set about renovating it.  When his daughter got married she and her husband moved into it.  I had the pleasure of going there for dinner and I was in awe.  The original wooden floors had been beautifully restored, but more than that, you could see clearly the marks where the desks had once been. A couple of the desks had been salvaged and were part of the living room. The closet was, of course the former cloak room with, the original coat hooks. And  to top things off <grin> the school bell was once again working.  I hardly ever enjoyed being in a classroom quite as much as I did that night at dinner.

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The Flying Horses …


The Flying Horses, the oldest carousel in the United States,  are housed in this building at the intersection of Circuit and Lake Aves in Oak Bluffs. They came to the Island in 1884 from Coney Island.

The Flying Horses are not a carousel, or a merry-go-round, they don’t go up and down just round and round. They are flying horses, like Pegasus, and fly to wherever you can imagine . They don’t actually have wings, but as you make the first circuit you feel like you’re about to fly out the open windows.

Look closely at the horse’s eyes, inside each one is a tiny hand carved animal.

(My picture didn’t capture the animal in the eye so I cheated just a little)


I flew on these beautiful horses every day when I was a little girl. The ticket taker was a young man who would never take my tickets ! We tried everything to get him to take them… we brought him candy and cookies and tried slipping the tickets in with them… nothing work. At the end of the summer I said I wanted to buy him a gift, so off my mom and I went to purchase what I thought was a novel idea .. a tie. I was 5 years old, what did I know about buying gifts for men… he, by the way was about 13 but in my eyes he was a grown up. We put the tie in the box with all of summer’s uncollected tickets. As he came around to NOT collect my ticket I handed him the box. He smiled. Ah ha, success… or so I thought. As we were leaving the Flying Horses he came over and thanked us for the tie and as we turned to leave he handed us the tickets. I won’t say who he is, just that he turned out to be an official in Oak Bluffs in later years… and someone I’ve never forgotten.



A Walk In The Woods …

A few years ago along with my daughter Deb, her dog Chappy and two dog friends, we went walking in the Tisbury/W Tisbury woods of the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission.




While the 4-legged walkers sniffed their way through the woods I let my eyes feast on the beauty. Looking down I saw this beautiful green mossy growth…


…and this old stump that somewhat resembles an airplane part (to my eyes anyway).


Raising my eyes a bit there was …

100_8643 100_8723

And finally, looking skyward and spotting something nestled among the trees !!  Do you see it – is it a bird, is it a plane !!



I’m looking forward to my next walks on the Vineyard… there’s no better place to stretch your legs and your paws.