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CMMC – August Pick a Topic…

The prompt:  Possible topics: still life, flower, close up, sand, numbers, measuring, measuring tape, pink, tan, black and white, lines, square photo, etc.

I decided to go with 5 of the topics… flowers, sand, numbers, measure, lines.

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Love Is In The Air…

Valentine’s has a special meaning for me, it’s the day I entered the world __ years ago 🙂 I think especially this year we need to be aware of the love in our world. Simple pleasures like fresh flowers, chocolates shaped like hearts (or any shape), and as much as we’re all tired of snow storm after snow storm the beauty of fresh fallen snow as a back drop for a tulip photo shoot is so pretty. Celebrate the love in your world, in your heart.



Before last year I had never heard of a waterless amaryllis.

The collage below shows the growth from day 1 to day 20… left to right starting at top row. The last picture is my red amaryllis with the white one my daughter had at her office which she brought home over the Christmas holidays. The white ones are taller. This has been so rewarding watching this flower bloom with just a bit of sunlight and no other care at all. Unfortunately as of today, January 11 it is pretty much finished blooming and won’t bloom again. But for the time it was here it brought a lot of enjoyment and beauty. I’ll definitely do this again next year.


Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word…

The prompt is: It’s time for another Pick a Word themed challenge. As usual you get four words to choose from.

The words are: Marsh – Stately – Shack – Scarlet. I decided to do all four.


Stately (Newport, RI – the Breakers mansion)