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Tasting and Spilling On The Vineyard …

With the Taste Of The Vineyard Gourmet Stroll  coming up on June 18 and The Taste Of The Vineyard’s Patron Dinner & Auction on June 20, 2015, I’d like to tell my story about the one and only time I went to this lovely and delicious event 22 years ago in 1993.

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IMG_0832My daughter Deb and I decided  to treat ourselves to The Taste of the Vineyard, we’d never gone before and it seemed like a fun and different thing to do. Off we went to the Vineyard for a glorious long weekend of eating, shopping and tasting. The weather turned brutally hot all along the Eastern seaboard, it verged on 100 degress which is unusual for mid June. A few hours before the Taste was to begin welcomed thunder storms rolled in and dropped the temps about 25 degrees. The evening was cool and clear and perfect.


We donned our new outfits and headed over to the grounds of the Preservation Trust which are located at the Dr Daniel Fisher house in Edgartown. The house is a beautiful Federal style home surrounded by lush gardens. It’s gorgeous.

We gingerly and hungrily entered the tents where all foods and drinks were on display. Lots of eager tasters were already there. We got our dishes and start wending through the crowds. We found seats and set about our tastings.


The tables were set with crisp white tablecloths.. in the middle of the tables were mounds of sand with seashells and rocks scattered about and a large hurricane lamp with candle sitting in the middle of the sand. Simple and tasteful, much like the occasion. The bite sized portions of appetizers and entrees were just satisfyingly enough. Had to leave room for the abundance of dessert samples after all.


But… the thing that mostly interested me was trying for the first time the Frozen Cappuccino from Espresso Love one of my most favorite places on MV. I returned to our table with my cup, eager to taste what smelled and looked delicious. I set it on the table… or at least I thought I had… but no, I had sort of placed it precariously near the edge and it landed in my daughters lap, almost the entire cup of cappuccino!!!!!  On her new skirt !


(The part of the original skirt is now being portrayed by a stand-in)


Deb loved the skirt and had hoped to wear many, many times. I felt awful, I still do… it was an accident. I mean after all I myself had gotten a drop or two on my new shoes. We cleaned her up as best we could and I believe she went and got me a second cup of frozen cappuccino. I set it down on the table and… it hit the rocks and there before our eyes it oozed from the rocks and sand onto the table cloth. It looked like the tide had come in… it wasn’t pretty and it was embarrassing. Could it be that maybe the third time would work! I had to find out so off I went for the third cup of frozen cappuccino. I walked carefully back to the table, avoiding being bumped or nudged. I approached the table… Deb grimaced… I held the cup tightly in both hands… I bent to set it down… and… I did it, I made solid contact with table. I then raised the cup to my lips and actually got to taste the frozen cappuccino and I have to tell you… it was good, it was very very good, it was joy to my taste buds. I loved it and I still do, I try to have one at least once during every trip to MV. And of course I feel compelled to apologize each time to my daughter for her long lost beautiful skirt.


This blurry picture of the two of us was taken at the end of the evening. At least we’re laughing because no matter what, we always enjoy ourselves on the Vineyard.

(PS.. apology #27..I’m still sorry about the skirt)


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Trivia X Answers …

1-What takes place in this building in Aug.


2-What town is this.


3-Where are Mytoi Gardens.


4-What harbor is this.


5-What building is this in Oak Bluffs.


6-Which lighthouse is this.


7-Where is this church.



8-Where is this bulletin board.



9-At what restaurant can you get a wooden nickel.



10-What building is this and what town is it in.



How did you do ?


Espresso Love Visits NJ …

Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows what a big fan of Espresso Love I am.  You can read here my blog post last February about my obsession with EL’s blueberry scones.. and how I bring them back from MV and hoard them in the freezer.  We bring their coffee beans home too because it’s not just the scones, it’s the COFFEE as well. In our opinion Espresso Love has the best coffee on MV.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out Carol McManus, the owner of EL, was going to be in NJ today doing a book signing for her new cook book, Table Talk: Food, Family, Love, A Cookbook. The book signing was at Pennington Market, only a little over an hour away, so that’s where Deb and I headed this morning.

We saw Carol as soon as we walked in, she recognized me and greeted me with a big hug.  I introduced my daughter Deb and we chatted about blueberry scones, among other things.  We picked up ingredients for Carol’s lemon meringue pie, which Deb will assemble since she’s the baker in the family.

It was nice to see Carol and pick up her beautiful cookbook. As always I look forward to saying ‘hi’ to her when I stop in at Espresso Love for my supply of blueberry scones and coffee beans.

This was the second weekend in a row with an MV connection... I guess if I can’t get there then it’s coming to me in dribs and drabs.  <grin>


Update: Lemon Meringue Pie

Deb made the pie this afternoon.  The consensus is that Carol’s recipe is one of the best we’ve ever tasted.


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Newes From America Pub …

In my opinion one of the best places to eat on MV is the Newes From America Pub located in the Kelley House in Edgartown.

The Newes From America is located on the bottom floor (basement) of the original Kelley House building which was built in 1742.  The ceiling is criss-crossed with the original large and sturdy beams, the walls are thick brick and the atmosphere is like stepping back in time.  The entrance is at street level, there are no steps or stairs.

The menu at the Newes is eclectic and enticing.

One of my favorites is the Smokin Musket Turkey sandwich on peasant bread with sage mayo and cranberry sauce.  It’s like Thanksgiving on bread.

Their hamburger, in my opinion and that of my daughter, is that it’s one of the best on the Vineyard.  The 1/2 pound burger is cooked to your perfection… add cheese or mushrooms and delight your tastebuds.

Roast Beef Au Jus… roast beef, swiss cheese on a pressed roll with sherry-onion jus.

Lobster Roll – you just can’t go to MV and not have one and the lobster roll at the Newes is grand.  Tasty sweet lobster meat mixed with celery… served on a yummy roll…. my mouth is watering thinking about it.

The Caesar salad is a winner too… crisp greens, delicious dressing, lightly toasted croutons and chicken if you choose to add it.

Don’t forget clam chowder.  Like lobster rolls, you shouldn’t visit MV without having clam chowder.  The chowder at the Newes is always popular.  To be honest though I haven’t personally had it in awhile due to food allergies, however, my family members like it and that’s a good recommendation.

Fries… you’ve never had fries served like the Newes serves them… in a brown paper bag !!  Certainly a different presentation and one that somehow adds flavor and fun to a food everyone loves and pretty much doesn’t give much thought to.  You’ll love them.

I’ve eaten in the Newes and I’ve also gotten take-out from the Newes.  The service in the pub is always friendly and timely.  The only problem I ever had was with a take-out order… the mistake wasn’t noticed until we’d driven back to our hotel.  I called the Newes and they gladly took care of the problem immediately.

I haven’t touched upon the selection of beers at the Newes because well, I don’t know that much about them.  One of the interesting touches at the Newes is that for every beer you order you receive a ‘wooden nickel’. Many people pool their wooden nickels to reach the 1000 that it takes to get your name on a brass plaque on one of the bar stools.

While you’re waiting for your food to be served try taking the trivia test on the back of the menu !!!  If you don’t know the answers that’s okay… you’ll learn some intersting facts about MV when you look at the answers.  For instance, is it true that someone tried to throw former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara over board off the ferry Islander in the 1970’s !!!!

The prices are low, the food is good, it’s family friendly (kids love the bag of fries)… it’s definitely worth a trip to the Newes From America while you’re on MV… once you go you’ll go back again and again.

To find out more about the Newes From America and its history, check out this article from the MV Times.