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Here Comes 2018…

I have a lot of fun putting together my own calendars, here are the 2 for 2018

wall calendar…  all pictures are Martha’s Vineyard taken in October, except May which is Cape May, New Jersey


desk calendar… same here, all pictures are Martha’s Vineyard in October, except for Cape May, New Jersey for May…


Here’s to filling our calendars of 2018 with good memories, good health and good friends 🙂


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Here Comes 2017…

I really enjoy making my own calendars.  This year I incorporated some of my colorings in with my photographs.

Wall calendar…


Desk calendar…


So there it is, 2017 all shiny, bright with expectations and days yet to be experienced.  I wonder what this new year will bring.  Maybe at the end of the year I should do a post about that 🙂


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March Calendar Pictures …

pizap.com14513497203761My wall calendar picture on the left was taken at the Thomas Edison National Historic Park in West Orange, New Jersey when I visited it a year ago.  CLICK HERE to find out more about it.

My desk calendar picture on the right is one of the windows in the John & Priscilla homestead in Duxbury, MA.  I visited there last October… CLICK HERE to find out more about it.

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February Calendar Pictures …


My February pictures are.. the wall calendar on the left is of a beautiful amaryllis that a friend gave me.

The desk calendar picture on the right was taken in CT last February on my birthday… went to Rowayton, CT to meet a friend for coffee.  Before my daughter and I got there my friend had hung a ‘happy birthday’ banner over the table and had gifts and all kinds of pastries for us.  It was a spur-of-the moment get together and it was  a lot of fun.


My 2016 Calendars …

I enjoy making my own calendars and have for a few years now.  I do a wall calendar which goes on the fridge, and a desk calendar which goes… um hmm, on my desk, smart huh 🙂

Covers of both calendars …


Wall calendar with all 12 months displayed on back.. the cover picture is the gang plank of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA in October.


The cover of the desk calendar is of a stained glass window in a store on Martha’s Vineyard …extra points to anyone who can guess where – here’s a hint, it’s in Vineyard Haven 🙂


The January pictures… harbor in Rowayton, CT and white flower in mercury vase.



 Stay tuned …  there’s 11 more months 🙂