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Vineyard Friendships…


Vineyard stories about friends…

Let’s begin with the two friends who pretty much started the Vineyard connection in my family.  My mother Maude Freeman (on right) and her best friend Bertha Carter Jones (on left).


Childhood friends on the Vineyard, they graduated in 1926 from Oak Bluffs High School (pre-regional high school).  After graduation they moved to Newark, NJ and it was there that they met their future husbands.. who were also childhood friends.

My dad Al Freeman on the left, Bill Jones on the right.


They grew up together in Newark, NJ and remained friends their entire lives.  The best times they had were on the Vineyard when both of our families were there for the entire summer.

For many years Bertha & Bill Jones owned a bowling alley in Oak Bluffs across from the Flying Horses.  They did not have automated pin setters so the pins had to be set by hand, I even did it from time to time myself.


Then along came Will Jones and me… not only best friends because our parents were but because we knew each other from early childhood.  How early you wonder ?  We were only a few months old when we met,  Will is a month older than me by the way and I never let him forget it… even now 🙂


The above picture has to be around 1947 or 48, it was during the month or so that I was taller than Will.


Will and I were always looking for things to keep us busy and out of trouble.  Someone showed me how to make little flowers by using yarn and forks… I immediately showed Will. We set about our tasks, me at my house, he at his.

The next morning Will’s mom called my mom asking if he was at my house ?  Seems she went looking for a fork and couldn’t find any !!! A few minutes later Will was at my door, and yes, he had all his mother”s forks with him and they were filled with yarn.  Seems I had neglected to show him ow to get the yarn off the forks to make the little flowers.Oopsie.

Will had carried those forks from his house on the other side of Oak Bluffs by the harbor.. up Circuit Ave to my house where we freed his mother’s forks of their yarn.  I have no recollection of what we did with the yarn flowers.



Last but not least, my daughter Deb and her best friend of 42 years, Dawn Green.

 Dawn & Deb, July 1984 (Falmouth, Ma)

                                         Dawn and Deb, May 2017 (Cape May, NJ)


In July 1984 I took the girls to Martha’s Vineyard, just the three of us.  The trip was a new experience in that I’d never been away alone with two teenagers and I had never driven to MV by myself.

We did a lot of things together but the girls also spent time doing their own things while I did mine.  It was a nice mix to togetherness and apartness (is that even a word)!


Aquinnah to see the cliffs.


Out for fancy dinner one night.


One incident that sticks out in my mind is dinner one night at the Wharf Pub & Restaurant in Edgartown.  We ate early and the restaurant was almost empty.  We were in the middle of our meal when our waitress came over and said…”you might want to eat slowly as Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley are on their way in and I thought the girls might get a kick out of seeing them!”  THE GIRLS… forget the girls, I was the one getting all excited. So we nibbled and waited and waited and waited and then THEY walked past the window next to our table and entered the restaurant.  As we left the restaurant and walked past their table Billy Joel smiled and waved at us.  We giggled all the way back to the hotel.

Whether with family or friends, Vineyard memories are always extra special.










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I'm married, I have two daughters and two grandchildren and they all love MV. Enjoy my MV blog and contact me if I can answer any questions. This blog started out as strictly about Martha's Vineyard but over the years I've branched out to include other obsessions and interests. I enjoy photography and like sharing my photos here as well. I'm also into genealogy and reading. Hope you enjoy :)

10 thoughts on “Vineyard Friendships…

  1. Joan,
    It’s Allison. I’ve gotten some interesting history on the house.. and a couple of photos too! If you’ve been by, I’m sure you’ve seen some changes. I hope you like….

    • Hi Allison… I have not been on the Island since I saw you in 2013 so yes, I’m very interested in what you’ve found out about the house…and the pictures too. I’m sure I’ll love what you’ve done, I was impressed and thrilled with what I saw 4 years ago 🙂

  2. Friendships built and maintained in special places are amazing! What a wonderful, uplifting post, Joan! And how fun to see celebrities!

  3. Yes, life makes the best story.

  4. They sure are – love this post – and your history on MV – lifelong friendships are jewels in the crown of life –

  5. Hi Joan,

    Thanks for posting this history of your family on Martha’s Vineyard! You have wonderful stories! These stories bring back memories of the favorite places where we (your readers) spent our summer vacations as children…..

    I remember a wonderful cottage on a lake in Northern Minnesota in the pine trees. The cottage was not large and we had a family of 8 (with grandma) and sometimes also my mother’s friend who didn’t have a family to vacation with.

    The cabin was knotty pine with a large screened porch where we ate our meals…just 2 bedrooms but numerous daybeds, which served as couches on a rainy day, in the large living room!
    The walleyed pike that we caught was frequently dinner along with garden vegetables and freshly picked raspberries for dessert. A local “farm lady” made caramel sticky buns in large pans which my Dad would buy for us for lunch My mother would bring a jar of peanut butter and the fresh pan of cinnamon rolls to the dock for our lunch, along with Thermoses of cold milk. Yum!!!!

    I remember my mom and dad playing cribbage, after we were in bed, and all the noise from the 2 of them exclaiming about who was winning!

    We learned to water ski behind a 14 horse power motor on a fishing/row boat…That was in the 1950’s.

    Good and very simple pleasures and I have lovely memories of the closeness I felt in that little cottage.

    Sending love to all, and Happy Summer!


  6. Hi Judy… thanks for sharing your memories as well. Simple pleasures are often the most long lasting.
    Hope you have a good summer and love to you as well my friend ❤

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