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What I Know …




I got to thinking about something a teacher in high school said… ‘to write what you know about.  I know how my heart flutters as it nears the ferries in Woods Hole. I know how no other place I’ve ever been delights my soul and makes me feel at peace and at home.

 I know how I love to breathe deeply and fill my lungs with sea air. I know how many ‘traditions’ I have to experience each time I’m on MV. I know that it’s a hassle getting there sometimes, but that once I’ve driven onto the ferry it’s all been worth it.  I know that whether I’m physically on the Vineyard or not that in my mind and soul I am always there.


What is it that makes a place so special to a person. I know in my case it’s that MV is where my mother grew up and where I’ve been going all my life. I know also that now my family feels the same connection, and I feel content knowing that fact.

How can sea, sand, grass and trees be so special in one place. It must be that each experience is a part of the sum of the whole.

It’s also the surprises each trip to MV holds for me. It’s starting a conversation only to find out that the person you’re talking to knew you or your family years ago.  It’s dipping your toes into the water in the same spot you did when you were five years old and suddenly being transported back to that time. It’s remembering your loved ones who aren’t there in body anymore but definitely in spirit.

It’s all those things and more…. it’s Martha’s Vineyard  ❤


Author: mvobsession

I'm married, I have two daughters and two grandchildren and they all love MV. Enjoy my MV blog and contact me if I can answer any questions. This blog started out as strictly about Martha's Vineyard but over the years I've branched out to include other obsessions and interests. I enjoy photography and like sharing my photos here as well. I'm also into genealogy and reading. Hope you enjoy :)

3 thoughts on “What I Know …

  1. ….and when are you getting back to that wonderful place? Looks like it’s NEXT year for us.. this year proving too busy workwise.

  2. i so understand exactly what you’re saying joan….when i was trucking and on the way home, it seemed that the south was smiling and the mountains were calling….the closer i got to georgia, whether i was coming from new jersey or california….the lush greenery and the twinkling fireflies have always felt like they’re calling me home…sweet southern comfort….God has seen fit to bless us with our little corner of hillbilly paradise!!! ♥

  3. Not this year for me either Karen 😦 Always there in spirit though, as are you 🙂

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