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The Former Daggett House …



I stayed a few times at the Daggett House Inn before it was renovated and turned into a private residence. One of the things I remember most is their famous Grape Nut bread/toast.

On the lower level of the inn was the breakfast room. According to the Guide to Martha’s Vineyard:

“The room was the first tavern on Martha’s Vineyard to sell beer and ale. In 1660 the taverner, John Daggett, was fined five shillings for “selling strong liquor.” In 1750 the Daggett House was added to the building. Through the years the Daggett House was a custom’s house, a sailor’s boardinghouse, a store, and during the whaling era, a counting house. ”

An interesting feature of the Daggett House was its secret room. I’m not sure what it was used for in the 1600′s or so but during the past years as a B&B it was a guest room, provided they could find the secret door and providing the GHOST wasn’t in residence!!!



The back of the Daggett House had a nice expanse leading to the edge of Edgartown Harbor. A perfect place to have a breakfast or sit and read.



I stayed at the Daggett House twice… once in the main house and once in the charming 2 room house in the garden.


Grapenut Bread from the Daggett House.

(This recipe was a staple of the Daggett House Bed & Breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard until it closed. They used to readily hand out recipe cards so I’m assuming there are no copyright issues. But just in case there is, I’m giving full credit here to the inn as it’s their recipe)

Makes 2 loaves


2/3 c Grapenuts

1/3 c wheat germ

3 T butter

1/4 tsp salt

1/3 c dark brown sugar

1 1/3 c boiling water.

Stir and let cool to barely warm.

Then, combine 1 T yeast, 1 tsp sugar and 2/3 c warm water, and let stand until bubbly.

Add yeast to the dry mixture. Add 4 c all-purpose flour.

Knead until soft and smooth, then return to bowl and let rise, covered, until double in volume.

Punch down and divide into two loaves, knead for a few minutes, and put into greased loaf pans. Let rise until double in size.

Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes.

Freshly baked Grape-Nut bread…yum


(In all fairness I have to give credit to my daughter Deb who baked this delicious bread).


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18 thoughts on “The Former Daggett House …

  1. What a beautiful old house. I love the gray shingles on the houses at Martha’s Vineyard. Came pretty close to being able to visit there this summer, but you know what happens to the best laid plans…
    Thank you for posting this!

  2. That Grape Nuts bread looks yummy! I’m going to try making it….Deb looks like an expert bread maker!

    Loved the story of the Daggett House Inn.


  3. I love Grape nuts!!! And what a charming place, the Daggett house as it was. I’ll look for it this summer.

  4. when did it become a private residence?? a friend of mine down here in georgia said he’d been there….and i’ve made that bread….you posted the recipe once before….and it was/is YUMMY!!!

  5. I started staying at the Daggett House in 1970 when I was stationed at Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, we would take our weekend R&R’s to Edgartown, it was a great time for us, I stayed in the Daggett House many times over the years, I wish I had purchased this beautiful residence at the time it was sold to the new owners! Bill Gottfried, Houston

  6. I was actually a breakfast chef at the Daggett House in the mid to late 1990’s. I made many loaves of that famous Grapenut bread at 430 in the morning. Occasionally the GHOST was down there rattling around while I was alone doing morning prep work.

    • That bread made the best toast ever. I stayed one time in the room right above the kitchen and the smell of the baking bread permeated that room, was a nice way to wake up. Did not encounter the ghost however 🙂

  7. My dad’s ancestors built that house! My parents and I are driving out from Iowa for our Thanksgiving celebration this year and I can’t wait to see it!! I read an article on the Vineyard Gazette that the first Thanksgiving could possibly have been held here between Joseph Daggett and his Native American bride’s family..does anyone know any information about this??

    I will be making that bread this weekend. Thanks so much for the recipe, my dad will be so happy!

    • Hi Stephanie – I’m so excited for you and your parents going to see the house. It is a private residence now but still looks the same as in my post which was awhile ago. You’ll be spending Thanksgiving on the Vineyard? How wonderful. I gather this will be your first trip there, you’re going to enjoy every moment of it. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

  8. Hi…I came across this site while search for a B&B to visit this fall and thought about the Daggett House. During my college days in 1970s, I spent three summers on MV working as a waitress. In the fall of 1975, getting ready to start my life’s journey, I was the breakfast server at the DH working for Elsa, who was the breakfast chef and Mrs. Winslow the inn keeper. (Elsa, as I recall, served an apple bread as well as the Grapenut Bread. She and husband sailed on a catboat from NY to start their life on MV. ) The breakfast room was a charming as the picture depicts and the guests were a delight to serve. Often there was wonderful conversations in the room, but all chatter stopped when the “secret door” opened. Behind the door was a spiral staircase leading up to a room that was sometimes booked as a “honeymoon suite.” It’s so nice to hear that the DH is a now private home.

    • It must have been great working there, it was charming and oh, that grapenut bread (toast). Hope you enjoy your next trip to MV 🙂

  9. I was a manager at the Daggett house. A very happy time for me. Chris the chef then did a really good granola mix for breakfast. The Inn won best breakfast for many years, dinner’s were also really good. The inn had so much character. The Chergwin brother’s owned it and were lovely to work for.. It was sad to see it stop being an Inn and convert to a private residence. I remember being interviewed for TV regarding the ghost picture that hung on the stairway to the dining room.

    • I stayed at the Daggett House twice in the mid 80’s, when were you a manager? Speaking of ghosts, did you ever have contact with any ?

  10. What a wonderful story. I’ve always wanted to go to MV due to its history of having a large number American Sign Language users and deaf citizens in the 1800s to the early 1900s. A former deaf student (and perhaps Daggett descendent) sent me your blog and story.

    • Thank you for the nice comment. If you’re a baker you should try the bread recipe 🙂 I hope you do make it to MV.

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