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To My Mom …


Today would be my mother’s birthday.

Maude Louise Littlefield Freeman

born March 11, 1907 in Waterville, Maine

She’s the reason MV is in the lives of my family. Although born in Maine she was raised on MV and through her we’ve all come to love the Vineyard.

Her father died when she was 3 years old, her mother remarried and that husband died when my mother was around six.  At that point my grandmother, Albra Mae met and married a Vineyarder named Arthur Baird, Sr and so my grandmother and my mother Maude came to live on Martha’s Vineyard in Oak Bluffs  and thus began our connection to, and love of the Vineyard.


100_1280 100_1287

After my mother graduated from high school she moved to New Jersey and..

married a Jersey boy…. and had a Jersey girl 🙂

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My first trip to the Vineyard was when I was less than a year old…  here I am on the beach in Oak Bluffs with my mother and godmother…

My entire family has been to MV with me at one time or another but never all of us at the same time. That’s okay though as the Vineyard is a different experience depending on who I’m there with.

My creation

I hope she knows how grateful we all are to her for the gift of the Vineyard she gave to us…. thank you Mom


Although I’ve tried to say how deeply I feel about my mother and the Vineyard, no words I could find could say so beautifully what my daughter Deb wrote below about her grandmother.

Please take a moment to CLICK HERE and read Deb’s post.


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9 thoughts on “To My Mom …

  1. Nice tribute–the photographs are wonderful! And I enjoyed your daughter’s post, as well.

  2. Oh, I loved this 🙂

  3. I was momentarily disappointed I wasn’t working today because I would have worn some of Grandma’s jewelry.

  4. well….after having gone down multiple rabbit trails reading deb’s blog….hahaha….what a wonderful tribute to mom….♥

  5. What a nice tribute…and a nice collection of photos too!

  6. Would love to learn more about Mae Baird see website for more info on her.

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