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Vineyard Greens & Purples …








Do you know where these places are ?  Leave a comment if you wish 🙂

Author: mvobsession

I live in NJ but I am a Vineyard-a-holic. I love being there, reading about it, taking pictures of it and talking about it, I also love sharing it with special people. I'm married, I have two daughters, two grandchildren and a granddog... and they all love MV. Enjoy my MV blog and contact me if I can answer any questions. I also have a photography blog... Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Vineyard Greens & Purples …

  1. wow!! wow!! wow!! LOVE the victorian houses!! the first one is amazing… although if *I* owned it, it would probably be much brighter colors!! 🙂 isn’t the purple one along the campground row?? our house is the same shade of purple!!! happy, happy, happy!!!!

  2. and i can smell the wisteria!!! ♥

  3. and looking at the other pics…..i see that the first and third ones are in oak bluffs??? hahahaha…..this coming from your georgia redneck!!!

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