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Christiantown/Indian Hill …


Off the beaten track but well worth visiting are:



Down a dirt road in the woods of West Tisbury near Indian Hill, is Christiantown.

Christiantown was established in 1659 by Wampanoag sachem Takemmy as a home for Native American converts to Christianity.

A plaque on the above boulder commemorates “the services of Governor Thomas Mayhew and his descended missionaries who here labored among the native Indians.”

By 1600 there were two or three congregations of Native Americans on the Island.

The Christiantown Meeting House, or chapel was built in 1829. There is a tiny altar and six pews inside… nearby is an old graveyard. This is a wonderful place for hiking or a walk in the woods.

The Wampanoag tribe now owns the memorial, the chapel and the burial ground containing graves of early converts.

Indian Hill

My mother’s step-cousin, Harold Rogers was born in this house in Indian Hill in 1911.  He lived in this house, built in 1752, until he died.  He was quite a guy.  He was a master at building things and he could fix absolutely anything.  Over the years he added on to the family homestead, and when there wasn’t anymore he could do there he turned his sights to –

— the one room school house up the road where he’d gone to school.  He purchased the school house and set about renovating it.  When his daughter got married she and her husband moved into it.  I had the pleasure of going there for dinner and I was in awe.  The original wooden floors had been beautifully restored, but more than that, you could see clearly the marks where the desks had once been. A couple of the desks had been salvaged and were part of the living room. The closet was, of course the former cloak room with, the original coat hooks. And  to top things off <grin> the school bell was once again working.  I hardly ever enjoyed being in a classroom quite as much as I did that night at dinner.

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2 thoughts on “Christiantown/Indian Hill …

  1. love the idea of the one room schoolhouse being turned into a house….. how cool is that!!!

  2. What a treasure, that schoolhouse…and your mother’s step-cousin! What an awesome thing, his life in the homestead, the purchase of his original schoolhouse… book worthy tale!

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