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This past weekend Deb and I went on the 2nd New Jersey Yarn Crawl.  We only crawled to 5 of the 15 participating yarn stores.

100_1193  The Stitching Bee in Chatham was our first stop.

Then to the beautiful town of Madison…

100_1198 100_1204

…to The Blue Purl. This yarn shop is one of the nicest, as are the people who work here.



100_1212 Third stop was Angelfire Studios in Basking Ridge.

Also in Basking Ridge was Down Cellar



Not only is Down Cellar a friendly and nice yarn shop but during this visit my daughter Deb and I got a bit of a surprise ! As I walked back into the room where she was, she pointed to a woman sitting at a table and asked me if I knew who she was?  It took maybe a second to recognize her.  Deb and I hadn’t seen Diane in over 11 years… we all used to be part of a book group that began online.  Although we used to get together from time to time we did lose touch after awhile.  I had been thinking about her recently and she, while going through old photos had been thinking of Deb and me.  Guess the cosmos worked its magic and brought us to the same yarn shop at the same time.  It was fun to see her and I’m sure we’ll do better at keeping in touch.

100_1237 100_1239 Last stop… Nonna’s Yarn Cafe in Denville.  The two sisters who own this yarn shop took a devastating hit last August with the flooding from hurricane Irene.  Their store is lovely and it’s nice to see them back in business.

It was a fun day.


Knitting Scholar                                          Down Cellar

Blue Purl                                                        The Stitching Bee

Nonna’s Yarn                                             Angelfire Studios

(Click here for Yarn Crawl of 2011 post)

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