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The Top Of New Jersey …


HIGH POINT STATE PARK,  which is the highest point in  New Jersey is located in Montague in Sussex County. At 1,803 feet above sea level it is the highest peak of the Kittatinny Mountains.  At the peak of the highest point is the 220 ft High Point Monument– from the top you can see New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

It’s been 40 years since I’ve been there so on a recent summer-like day in March my daughter Patty, granddaughter Tiffany, and I decided to go exploring.






There are 291 stairs to the top.  I climbed it on my first visit to the monument in Sept, 1972.. I snapped this picture because I knew I’d never do it again.  The monument isn’t open for the season yet so I didn’t have to find out if I would or not.. I like to think I would have tried.


Same view today but from the base of the monument.


Views of New Jersey


New York




With a little help from this…


… you can see really, really far…



There are hiking and biking trails, picnic areas and a lake.


As the name of my blog implies yes, I am obsessed with Martha’s Vineyard… but I am also proud of my home state of New Jersey.

(There may have been some liberties taken with a few of the photographs… can you guess which ones?)  🙂


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3 thoughts on “The Top Of New Jersey …

  1. You’re too cute, Mom. ❤

  2. Hey, if I ever get there, I’ve got to go up there . . . you know my own obsessions with climbing places. Ahem, I knew the view is good, but I know you cannot see to Gay Head. (Great humor!)

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