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Thankfulness …


With Thanksgiving coming up I want to thank my mother (she’s on the right) for bringing Martha’s Vineyard into my life and the lives of my family.  Little did she know when she set me down on this beach in Oak Bluffs  for the first time what an important and life defining occasion it was.  CLICK HERE for more about my mom.
101_3623 Same beach last month.

My entire family has been to MV with me at one time or another but never all of us at the same time.   That’s okay though as the Vineyard is a different experience depending on who I’m there with.  Or if I’m with no one at all… and that’s nice too.

Passing the Vineyard to new generations is a tradition for lots of families and mine is no different.  Here at State Beach in Oak Bluffs in the early evening one May is my daughter Deb and her dog Chappy.

My daughter Patty and son-in-law Mike at Aquinnah… actually on a beach in the summer.

The next generation appears.  My grandchildren Tiffany and Tyler at Edgartown lighthouse in 1996 during their first trip to the Vineyard.   It was the month of May, not swimming weather but good for collecting shells and rocks and seeing the ocean for the first time.

Thank you Mom.


Author: mvobsession

I'm married, I have two daughters and two grandchildren and they all love MV. Enjoy my MV blog and contact me if I can answer any questions. This blog started out as strictly about Martha's Vineyard but over the years I've branched out to include other obsessions and interests. I enjoy photography and like sharing my photos here as well. Hope you enjoy :)

3 thoughts on “Thankfulness …

  1. Thanks for posting this wonderful story! I love seeing your family carrying on the tradition started by your Mom!

    The passion that you feel for Martha’s Vineyard is moving on through the generations.


  2. You know that you are blessed when you are surrounded by family, and they fill your memory banks with wonderful memories of happy times past.

  3. Beautiful shots, beautiful island, beautiful memories. I am hoping to rent a gingerbread cottage this summer….something we’ve never done. Do you have any recommendations? Otherwise, I have their site to go through, there are several charming ones. I’de love to be right on the “green” but that might not be possible.

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