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Here’s a guest post by my granddog Chappy ourBoykin Spaniel, to tell you about MV with  pets.   Take it away Chappy.

Hi, this is me in the car going to Martha’s Vineyard.  I know I look all relaxed and eager to get there but in reality I’m a nervous mess.  I don’t like car rides, especially the 1000 hours it takes to get there from NJ.  OK, maybe not 1000, more like 6 but in dog hours it could be 1000.

I’ve stayed at two places on Martha’s Vineyard.

Bradys NESW in Oak Bluffs is one.  Our room had a huge window with a window seat.  Mom and Gram are nutsy over window seats for some reason but I got dibs on it first.  I have to say it was pretty darn nice… sunshine, fluffy pillows, the only thing lacking were biscuits.    Brady’s NESW is really nice, Brady is a friendly guy who knows a lot about the Vineyard and enjoys sharing his knowledge and helpful hints with his guests.  His dog Amie was the first one to greet us and was eager to show us our room…she even stayed to make sure we got settled in nicely.  She and I got along great, I even shared a biscuit with her.

The Island Inn also in Oak Bluffs is the other.

Once we arrive at the Island Inn I can stretch my legs, have a bite to eat and get settled in.

See, this is me very, very settled in… in fact I’m so settled I’m almost asleep.

The Island Inn is a great place to stay with your people… the rooms vary in sizes from 1 or 2 bedrooms to townhouse suites,  they also have a 2 bedroom cottage.  All the accommodations have kitchenettes in them… I love that, I think it’s very important to always have food nearby.   The people there have their own dogs who help us 4 legged guests check in.  Everyone is super friendly and nice.

I have to say that at first I thought the dogs and kids were a little aloof and then my mom explained to me that this is something called a sculpture.  Wow, what a relief that was, I mean there wasn’t any scent I could pick up and it freaked me out.

I love walking around on the Vineyard, the scenery is so pretty… like here in Edgartown near the lighthouse.  Even though I can’t see all the colors I’m still amazed at the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard.

And the shopping… the Vineyard is so dog friendly that I’m allowed just about everywhere.  There are lots of good stores for dogs… I think my favorite one is Good Dog Goods in Oak Bluffs.   The owner Kerry Scott and all her people who work there are so nice.  They get right down on the floor and play with me,  and offer me treats… I like that in a person.  We always bring bags of treats home to NJ … I like that too.  And I like this sticker. 

The Black Dog is another good place to go … they have a great selection of biscuits and leashes etc… oh and their BD tee shirts are especially popular with people.

So let’s see… I’ve mentioned where we like to stay… and where I like to shop… and how dog friendly MV is… all that’s left is for you to experience MV yourself.  Here’s more MV pet information.

This is me on the way home… I am so totally and happily exhaustatated that I’m actually sleeping.


**(CLICK HERE for other fine pet friendly places to stay.)


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