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Titanic/Da Vinci …

Deb and I went to NYC recently to see two fantastic exhibits at the Discovery Times Square Expositions building.

The TITANIC exhibit was our main reason for going but once there decided to get a ticket for the DA VINCI WORKSHOP exhibit as well, and we were SO glad we did.

As you enter the Titanic exhibit you’re given a boarding pass of an actual passenger … you find out at the end of the exhibit whether you survived or not.  My third class passenger was Catherine Joseph, she was 24, married and mother of two small children.  They all survived.  Deb was Nora Hogarty, 18 who was sailing to America to join an order of nuns.  She did not survive.

The exhibit was interesting, haunting and painstakingly put together.  There were no pictures allowed of course, but at the replica of the grand staircase there was a photographer who would take your picture on the staircase. We very much enjoyed it…


The LEONARDO DA VINCE Workshop simply blew us away.  Trying to wrap your head around the genius of Leonardo Da Vince is like trying to explain calculus to a kindergartener (or me).  I knew some things about him but learned even more through the exhibit.  For instance, not only was he left handed but he wrote backwards.

I was fortunate enough to have seen the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris and like many I was mesmerized by it… her eyes seem to follow you wherever you move to.  At the exhibit in NYC they show how the Mona Lisa looked when it was originally painted, how vivid the colors were and how differntly it looks today.  You can see a snippet of that and the Last Supper in a video by CLICKING HERE.

The TITANIC exhibit is closing Feb 28, 2010 and DA VINCE on March 14, 2010.  I’m so glad we went.


Author On The Street …

You’ve heard of the ‘man on the street’ !  Yesterday when Deb and I were in New York City we were approached by an ‘author on the street’ and her friend wielding a video camera.

Catherine Birndorf, MD author/psychiatrist is on the left… on the right is her friend with video camera.  They wanted to know if they could interview us for a book trailer they’re working on ! We were more than happy to stop and chat with them.

The book is called “The Nine Rooms of Happiness:  Loving Yourself, Finding Your Purpose and Getting Over Life’s Little Imperfections” written by Catherine Birndorf and co-authored by Lucy Danziger editor-in-chief of Self magazine. The premise of the book is that we all have emotional and metaphorical rooms – the living room is where we socialize, family room is where we join together with each other, kitchen is for nurturing, basement is where we hide our deepest thoughts etc, and the attic is for hope.  They explained that sometimes we think we are in one room but our brain is focused on another.   Their question to us was… what’s something menial and maybe trite that could happen to spoil our day.  Nothing big like death, moving, divorce…just that seemingly insignificant ‘thing’ that sends a happy mood down spiraling !  Deb’s answer was… people cutting in line.  Good answer.  They also asked where we GO, either physically or mentally to get away from it all.  Thought provoking questions ponder and answer in just a few minutes.

“The Nine Rooms of Happiness” will be coming out in a few months and I for one can’t wait to read it and review it here on my blog. Read a description of the book by clicking here.

So… what are the chances of being stopped on the street in NYC by a psychiatrist?? I’d say there should be more of them out there doing just that….LOL.  All kidding aside, it was an interesting conversation and I’m glad our paths crossed at the cross roads of America.

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Aquinnah (Gay Head) …

On the southwestern most edge of Martha’s Vineyard sits the town of Aquinnah which means ‘land beneath the cliffs’ or ‘land under the hill’.  It was settled in 1669 and incorporated as Gay Head in 1870, in 1998 the town changed its name back to Aquinnah.  Aquinnah is home to the native American tribe, the Wampanoag’s.

The Gay Head cliffs were registered as a National landmark in 1966.  They were formed by the same glacier that formed the Vineyard some 20,000 years ago.  The cliffs continue to be a source of geological and scientific information… not to mention a beautiful and awesome attraction.  Fossil bones of camels, wild horses and whales as well as campfire remnants have been found in the cliffs.

Moshup Beach is the public beach beneath the cliffs.  There is also the private  Lucy Vincent which is for town residents and their guests, it is also a clothing optional beach. Moshup Beach was picked as one of the top 10 beaches in the US a few years ago.

Lighthouse and lightkeepers house 1960…and lighthouse 2006.

Views to the east ………………. and the west.

Any visit to the Vineyard should definitely include a trip out to Aquinnah.  Spend the day at the beach or just go to see the cliffs and visit the charming shops and enjoy a bite to eat overlooking the sea and cliffs.

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