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Titanic/Da Vinci …

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Deb and I went to NYC recently to see two fantastic exhibits at the Discovery Times Square Expositions building.

The TITANIC exhibit was our main reason for going but once there decided to get a ticket for the DA VINCI WORKSHOP exhibit as well, and we were SO glad we did.

As you enter the Titanic exhibit you’re given a boarding pass of an actual passenger … you find out at the end of the exhibit whether you survived or not.  My third class passenger was Catherine Joseph, she was 24, married and mother of two small children.  They all survived.  Deb was Nora Hogarty, 18 who was sailing to America to join an order of nuns.  She did not survive.

The exhibit was interesting, haunting and painstakingly put together.  There were no pictures allowed of course, but at the replica of the grand staircase there was a photographer who would take your picture on the staircase. We very much enjoyed it…


The LEONARDO DA VINCE Workshop simply blew us away.  Trying to wrap your head around the genius of Leonardo Da Vince is like trying to explain calculus to a kindergartener (or me).  I knew some things about him but learned even more through the exhibit.  For instance, not only was he left handed but he wrote backwards.

I was fortunate enough to have seen the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris and like many I was mesmerized by it… her eyes seem to follow you wherever you move to.  At the exhibit in NYC they show how the Mona Lisa looked when it was originally painted, how vivid the colors were and how differntly it looks today.  You can see a snippet of that and the Last Supper in a video by CLICKING HERE.

The TITANIC exhibit is closing Feb 28, 2010 and DA VINCE on March 14, 2010.  I’m so glad we went.


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