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My obsession with Martha's Vineyard.. phototography..genealogy and life in general and this and that…

One Hundred …


  This is my hundredth post about Martha’s Vineyard.  At the beginning I didn’t think I’d make it much past the first few.  It’s hard sometimes to put into words and pictures the love one has for a place, but I certainly enjoy trying.   Where does my inspiration come from?  Most of the time it comes from browsing through…

  some of my many MV photo albums.

Or visiting my MV book shelves of novels, history books…


   …gardening and picture books.


Reading the Island newspapers, the Vineyard Gazette and the MV Times is a great source of current events and happenings on MV.  And of course calling on my own personal memories of familyplaces and events.

One hundred down and hopefully a hundred more to go.



Author: mvobsession

I'm married, I have two daughters and two grandchildren and they all love MV. Enjoy my MV blog and contact me if I can answer any questions. This blog started out as strictly about Martha's Vineyard but over the years I've branched out to include other obsessions and interests. I enjoy photography and like sharing my photos here as well. Hope you enjoy :)

5 thoughts on “One Hundred …

  1. MORE than a hundred to go! Happy blogiversary, Mom!

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  3. Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!Congrats!

  4. Congratulations! You are an inspiration to me.

  5. What a great job you do of keeping us entranced with Martha’s Vineyard lore, photos, current news and all other types of wonderful information about your “obsession”.

    I love your blog–and it seems so very well put together–it even has links, etc.
    You see, I know very little about how to do these things.

    Keep on Blogging!!


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