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The Victorian Inn …

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Right in the middle of Edgartown, among the Greek Revival style whaling captains homes sits the ornately charming and gracefully beautiful Victorian Inn.

Built around 1820 by whaling Captain Lafayette Rowley it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The owners, Stephen and Karyn Caliri have turned it into one of the most highly rated bed and breakfasts on the Vineyard.  I first visited in 1994 and have returned time and time again to enjoy myself there.

You step into a small foyer from the street and are immediately greeted by one of your hosts.  Just beyond the foyer you can see into the breakfast room.

During the spring, summer and early fall, weather permitting,  breakfast is served in the garden at the back of the inn.  Not only is it nice to start your day in such pleasant surroundings but breakfast itself is quite a treat.  Juice, grapefuit and coffee start you off and then Stephen appears with a basket of muffins and… homemade strawberry butter which is to die for.  If that’s not enough you also get your choice of French toast, or omelettes or some other clever and delicious treat that Karyn has come up with.  If you’re able to stand up after such a feast then wander over to the parlor and check out brochures of what adventures the Vineyard has to offer.  Stephen and Karyn are also a wealth of Vineyard information and will make sure you enjoy your time on MV to the utmost.

On cold autumn afternoons or chilly spring evenings it’s nice to curl up in the parlor by the fireplace.  In the afternoon tea and cookies are available to tease your taste buds.

There are 14 rooms at the Victorian Inn… from two small ones with twin beds on the first floor to large and airy ones on the third floor with balconies, you can find one to fit your taste.

This is a tree top view from the a third floor balcony looking at the center of Edgartown.

Over the years I’ve been intrigued by the inn… I was always taking pictures of it and wondering what it looked like inside.  I got my chance when we first stayed there in 1994 and I wasn’t disappointed.  Infact I was sort of startled !  For years I had dreams about a staircase… I didn’t know where it led to as I never got to the top… but when I walked out of our room on the second floor there in front of me was that very staircase that had been in my dreams!!!  According to the book “Haunted Island” the home/inn had at one time been haunted by at least one spirit, he was known as the amorous ghost.  Martha’s Vineyard and especially Edgartown has more then its share of spirits wandering about but whether one still resides at the Victorian Inn you’ll have to find out for yourself.

In the meantime enjoy the hospitality and friendliness of Karyn and Steve and Higgins their four-legged host.


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