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Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm …

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The Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm is  the first fiber CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  in the world! According to their website:

…If you’ve wanted to have your own sheep or goats but don’t have room in your tiny apartment or suburban home then a share in the MV Fiber Farm is the way to go.  Buying a share is an investment in the next yarn harvest… you receive a shareholders certificate, weekly email updates and an invitation to the Shearing Day Celebration.

The money from shareholders is used for feed and hay and increasing the size of the flock.  After the shearing is done and the mill has done their work shareholders will receive their share of the harvest.  The number of skeins and yardage etc depends on the size of the clip.   Shareholders can choose to take their share in one of a kind yarn or receive a sampler with each of the yarns the farm produces, including mohair, kid mohair, Cormo and Cotswold.

I am not a knitter or a spinner but my daughter Deb is and she was lucky enough to buy one of the shares offered this winter.  When she received her stock share I was excited for her but a little jealous too.  I bring many treasures home from MV but owning a share in a fiber farm, well that’s owning part of the Vineyard, that’s an ultimate treasure.  And then today an envelope arrived for me addressed to Deb’s Mom !!

Inside was this note.

And these goodies.  Two Peter Simon calendars,  two Vineyard Sound CD’s and two Vineyard bumper stickers which say “Follow Me To Martha’s Vineyard”… wow.

Who sent them?  Susan Gibbs, who along with Patrick Manning, is the owner of the Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, that’s who.  Deb had posted on her blog about my teeny tiny jealousy thing and Susan took it upon herself to make me… a non-knitter and spinner, feel like part of the Fiber Farm group.   This is just another example of the generosity and friendliness of the Vineyard and internet community.  Thank you so much Susan.

Whether you’re a knitter, a spinner or just interested in Martha’s Vineyard I urge you to visit the Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm website or Plum TV and take a look around, especially at the beautiful faces of the sheep and goats that live there with Susan and Patrick.


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