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Once you’ve decided to go to Martha’s Vineyard you’ll need a place to stay.  I like to have those arrangements all taken care of before I leave home… leaving accommodations to chance is pretty chancy on MV especially in the summer months.

My favorite town to stay in is Edgartown, the epitome of a New England town right down to the white church steeples.   Edgartown is filled with elegant old whaling captains homes many of which have been turned into B&B’s.   Picture white picketed fences, green lawns, white homes with black shutters and there you have Edgartown.

One of my favorite places to stay is the Victorian Inn.. a three story Victorian mansion run by two of the nicest people you’ll find anywhere.  The rooms are large and airy and perfectly decorated.  The breakfast is one of the best on MV bar none.   It begins with a selection of muffins…. then fresh fruit if desired… then your choice of one of several main dishes (I love the French toast) and of course there’s never ending coffee, juices and tea.  In the warmer months breakfast is outside on the patio… cooler months it’s inside in the cozy breakfast room.   And let’s not forget the chocolate chip cookies and tea in the afternoon.  So if you want to get away from it all and just tune out for awhile this is your place to stay, unlike other places the Vic does not have TV’s or phones in the rooms.  As for the location, it’s right smack in the center of town.  They say the Vic is  haunted by the Amorous Ghost… no extra charge if he appears in your room !!!

My second choice is the The Hob Knob.   This too is beautifully decorated.  The inn is large and rooms vary in size but all are beautifully appointed and comfortable to stay in.  They also have a small exercise room and sauna for those achy tourist bones after a long day of exploring MV.   Breakfast is quite good… nice selection and presentation.  There are a couple of breakfast rooms where you can make yourself comfortable while planning your days activities.  After a full day of exploring MV the inn offers tea and cookies in the afternoon.  The HK is open all year and one of the prettiest times to go there is in early December when it’s all decked out for the holidays.

One more  great place I’ll mention is the Harborside Inn . This is Edgartowns only waterfront resort and it is worth taking a look especially if you have children.   Each room is equipped with a small refrigerator tucked away in the closet.  Even though it is a waterfront resort there is not a beach that you can step out onto.  There is a pool though and a fantastic view of Edgartown harbor right outside your door.

There are lots of other wonderful places in Edgartown to stay… they can all be viewed at it’s really the best way to get a look at all that Edgartown has to offer.


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