Long ago and far away in the year 1984, a staff of very clever, creative and whimsical people put out a parody issue of the Vineyard Gazette ingeniously titled ~ “Not The Vineyard Gazette”. I, collector of all things Vineyard actually have a copy of this one-time parody edition.

One of the articles on the front page is about the discovery of a baby Vineyard named Arthur’s Vineyard, which was named after the helicopter pilot who accidentally found it. There were several theories of how the baby Vineyard came to be, one of which was that it was the baby of MV and Nantucket and that a recent rain storm had been the baby shower. So funny.

Another article on the front page is “Oak Bluffs Changes Name to Oaks Bluffs.” Apparently the name change was due in part to the fact that too much time was being taken correcting people who were getting Oak Bluffs wrong and it was decided to just not fight it anymore. Of course that would never ever ever happen.

An amusing article about Edgartown hiring fashion police. Apparently a glitch in getting the fashion police out on the streets is the inability to agree on a color scheme for their uniforms. Tawny brown and mocha versus cranberry and puce. I would think they’d have trouble recruiting anyone if they had to wear those combinations of colors.

Take your pick of a Vineyard themed movie.

This was an actual drink on the Vineyard. It was grape flavored water and it was delicious. I wonder whatever happened to it… I wonder why I didn’t keep a bottle of it, or the label at least. Here’s to the memory of Vine… sigh.

Clever real estate ads…or are they un-real estate !



It’s been 30 years, wonder if they’ll ever be another parody edition :)

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