… or more commonly known in knitting, spinning and fiber circles as…  Rhinebeck.

101_3668 101_3670


We set off about 7:30am  this past Saturday.   The sky was gorgeous the entire day.  When we got to Rhinebeck around 9 – 9:30 there were already a gabillion cars there.  This is only about a fourth of how many eventually arrived.  I’m not a good judge of how many people were there as they kept moving around, but I’m guessing between 3 and 4,000.  Even though it was in the 50’s most of the day with probably 20 mph winds… people were cheerful and courteous and very bundled in their hand knits.


Our little Ramble came along because, what better place for a sheep to visit then a sheep and wool festival.  Please CLICK HERE to read Deb’s blog and see pictures of Ramble’s big day at Rhinebeck.

We had a great time…shopped a little, ate a little (yummy apple crisp) and met up with friends from Juniper Moon Farm.

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