This past Saturday my husband and I hopped in the car and drove through the Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey into New York City to go to the ART EXPO.

The Art Expo was at Pier 94 on the Hudson River.  We had never been to the Expo before and I was amazed at the shear size of it.  There were hundreds of exhibitors… definitely something for everyone.

These are the only pictures I took.

Paper dresses created from sketches, pinned on mannequins and adorned off with tulle and tassels.

A brightly painted,  highly polished piano.

My main reason for going was to see Peter Simon. I’ve met Peter several times, he’s a phenominal photographer who lives on the Vineyard and has photographed just about every inch of it.  I am a big fan.  When I first discovered his work I felt encouraged to be more adventurous in my own picture taking.  His Vineyard calendars have been in my home,  every year since he began printing them in 1988… and I still have them.  It was good to see him and get a hug and chat about the Vineyard.

One artist was giving out roses… I took mine for a walk around the city and out to lunch at a nice cafe.

By then we were ready to come home so we hopped on the George Washington Bridge and headed back to New Jersey.  It was a lovely way to spend a Spring Saturday in NYC.

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