Part of the excitement of a trip to MV for me are most of the steps leading to the trip itself. 

In 10 days we will be on our way to the Vineyard for a long weekend.  The main reason for going is the MV Fiber Festival on April 19th.   Once we decided we could make the trip I got busy and started setting the preparations in motion.

First was to find a place to stay that takes dogs.   MV is a pet friendly island but not all places accept four-legged guests. 

  We’ve chosen Bradys, a sweet looking B&B located in Oak Bluffs.

Second step is to secure the all important ferry tickets.

  If luck holds true for us we’ll make an earlier ferry then the one we have reservations for… extra time on MV is always a good thing.  We will either be on the newest ferry, Island Home which is just over a year old…  or we’ll be on the Martha’s Vineyard. 

  For me the third step is the hardest…packing.  I hate to pack, yes, even when going to MV.  I make myself crazy packing, rethinking, repacking, redeciding what to bring and checking MV weather websites.  Somehow though I always manage to get it all together.  Besides, if I forget anything, or the weather changes then I have an excuse to do some shopping. 






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